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BIOTRIP Token just entered the Real World

A new token for a new product.
BIOCASE is lauching it's first utility token to be used for purchases of medicine products in Latin America.

Utility Token for a Product

Single purpose Token to be spend in real products

The token is for just one goal! The help patients with mental disorders or serious psychiatric issues.
Since the start of the COVID pandemic, the number of people with anxiety and depression increse 25% - OMS Numbers - and with our product produced with substances found mainly in mushrooms, we hope to soften these symptoms in the patients
And our products can only be purchased using BIOTRIP tokens.

  • Utility Token e-commerce solution for the product, to spend crypto
  • Same price product cost the same amount of token
  • Pre-sale Token cost 1:1, 1 dolar for 1 token.

About ICO

BIOTRIP Token first token for medical products

The BIOTRIP Token is used for purchases of the BIOCASE products and every commercial sales will be crypto anchored only.

  • The token has limited amount
  • Every purchase only through crypto
  • We are using the SOLANA network
  • Safer, better and decentralized
  • Help build a community that use their medicine

BIOCASE Products

Where can I spend it?

BIOCASE medicines
E-commerce BIOCASE
Cryptocoins trades
SOLANA Network

Our way

BIOTRIP - Biocase products Road Map

1st Step

Drug Discovery and Development
- R & D
- Genomics
- Proteomic`s
- Screening
- DNA Arrays

2nd Step

- Proof of Concept
- Toxicology
- Metabolism Studies
- Production
- Purification
- Documentation

3rd Step

Phase I
- Safety
- Production
- Purification
- Formulation
- Stability
- Documentation

4th Step

Phase II
- Safety
- PK
- Effectiveness
- Production
- Purification
- Formulation
- Stability
- Documentation

5th Step

Phase II
- Full cGMP
- Efficacy
- Production
- Purification
- Formulation
- Stability
- Release Tests
- Validation
- Documentation

6th Step

Open Token to Public

Some facts

Main Points

Crypto Token

Token with limited distribution. And to use only for BIOCASE products purchases.

Initial Money Usage

The amount raised will be destined for new clinical trials involving the psychoactive substances present in mushrooms, Psilocybin and Psilocin, in addition to the production of new products.


Network used to exchange tokens will be SOLANA. The fee`s are lower and it is faster and safer than other in the marketplace.


First, in Brazil, we`ll be using GROOTBIT as our initial exchange, but we tend to expand for others exchange in the world

BIOCASE products target

The products to be sold with the token, are mainly produts with substances found in mushrooms, Psilocybin and Psilocin.

Token safety

We are using, smart contracts and the SOLANA Network, for a better transaction security.

Starting Token Value
USD 1,00
Max Supply
Token Market Availbility

Some facts

Smart Contract API

Utility Token

About token

Token Sale

  • Token name: BIOTRIP Biocase
  • Ticker Symbol: BCASE
  • Currency Symbol Image : TBD
  • Starting Price Pre-ICO: BCASE for USD 1.00
  • Maximum Eroiy produced: BCASE for USD 1.00
  • Maximum Eroiy for Sale: 22.500.000
  • Fundraising Goal: USD 22.5 million
  • Minimum Purchase: TBD
General description

BIOTRIP will be released on the basis of SOLANA platform; Solana’s network allows for a theoretical throughput of 65,000 transactions per second, a significant jump from Bitcoin’s seven transactions per second and Ethereum’s 15 transactions per second. (TPS). Combined with high gas fees on ETH’s blockchain, Solana offers a much lower barrier to entry, helping to increase its user base rapidly.

Transactions on Solana cost a fraction of the price of other blockchains, averaging at $0.00025. Solana attracts users worldwide due to its low costs and increased throughput capability.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.

Buy Token

Our data

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of funds

Total token supply - 30,000,000

  • 10% biocase team
  • 15% liquidity reserve
  • 75% Initial Market Offer and fund Raising


Frequency Asked Questions

  • How did the idea come about?

    The project took form from the concomitant from BIOCASE Brazil on use of psychedelic substances, like psilocibina and psilocina, to treat mental illness and/or serious psychiatric issues.

  • Can i buy the products with Money(FIAT)?

    According to the company's business plan, the entire commercial process related to the commercial product resulting from research with Psilocybe mushrooms will be anchored in the cryptocurrency. To acquire the product or the technology licensing in Brazil or in other parts of the world, the interested party must purchase through the company's cryptocurrency.

  • Who is eligible to acquire the product?

    In Brazil, the product will probably only be available for hospitals, clinics and research centers, with sales online or not, but always wholesale and always by Legal Entities. The purchase of Crypto by Individuals will also be possible, but this type of buyer/investor will not be able to receive the final products, remaining only in possession of their cryptocurrencies.

  • What are the token for?

    The group is launching the BCASE token with the aim of carrying out transactions for the digital environment – ​​more secure, advantageous and decentralized. The token will be used to purchase Biocase Brasil's psychedelic substance products

  • Which network we`ll be using?

    The intent to launch the BCASE Token on Solana Network, for a faster and cheaper experience.

  • In Wihch Phase the products are?

    Our first study, now in 2nd Phase of clinical evaluation, encompasses the end of life that brings a very great psychological and social burden to the patient, and also to the people close to him. In addition to the pain and physical limitation resulting from the progression of diseases, the psychological suffering due to the pain itself, the fear of death, dependence and feelings of attachment and abandonment, has a great harmful impact on the quality of life of this patient. In this first study, we are addressing the therapeutic effects of Psilocybin in the treatment of Fear of Death, in addition to the evaluation of secondary endpoints such as depression and sleep quality. The study carried out by Dr. Cesar Camara, CEO of Biocase Brasil, includes cancer patients at risk of death, with low life expectancy and with anxiety disorders, according to clinical diagnosis (CID) and anxiety score through HADS and GAD-7.

  • The main objectives of this project?

    One of the goals of cancer treatment is to promote the relief of physical and psychological symptoms of patients, especially when there is little possibility of cure, resulting in a better quality of life. The prevalence of anxiety and depression in these patients may vary according to the type of cancer, time of diagnosis, treatment site and life expectancy.

  • Why Brazil?

    In a study carried out in 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out that Brazil has, compared to all other countries in the world, the largest number of anxious people. There are 18.6 million Brazilians who suffer from some type of anxiety disorder. According to the epidemiological study, the lifetime prevalence of depression in Brazil is around 15.5%.
    Moreover, Brazil has a legal structure that permits faster clinical trial development involving natural psychedelic presents in mushrooms and vegetables forbidden in other countries

  • Is there any evidence outside your studies?

    The scientific journals "The New England Journal of Medicine" and "Nature" recently published consistent results of research on the use of psychedelics in the treatment of depression and post-traumatic stress.
    The number of high reputable studies publisher grew 300% over the last 10 years.

  • What is the main composition os the products?

    Psilocybin (O-phosphoryl-4-hydroxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine) is an indole alkaloid compound derived from tryptophan, an agonist of serotonergic receptors and has an affinity for 5HT2A receptors. The substance is found in fungi, mainly in mushrooms of the Psilocybe cubensis family. The psychoactive substance present in mushrooms induces changes in sensory, behavioral, emotional and common sense perception about oneself, including reductions in depressive and anxiety symptoms. And these profoundly occurring changes are characteristic of an altered state of consciousness and may involve mystical-type experiences.

  • Do you have any licenses?

    With the studies carried out, Biocase has a structure with the basic licenses for the production of the drug in partnership with the national laboratory CERTBIO – (Laboratory for the Evaluation and Development of Biomaterials of the Northeast) University of Paraíba, which will boost research, extraction and production substances for the purpose of treating patients in clinical conditions. Second step: Authorization for testing on animals and then on humans. Biocase has a Study and Research Center (CEP) in São Paulo suitable for carrying out Clinical Studies in Humans called Instituto Alma Viva;

Our brain

Awesome Team

Dr. Cesar Camara
MD, PhD - Lead Investigator
Dr. Romeu Fadul
MD, CMO and Research Team Lider
Mariane Saleh
PsyD and CFO
Chris Kassity
Administrative Council and Partner

Alma Viva Institute

Marcus Vinicius Lia Fook
Cesar da Camara Segre
Suédina Maria de Lima Silva

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